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Fraud and Embezzlement: Lessons from the Trenches

Credits: None available.

Fraud can wreak havoc on organization’s financial performance and undermine business objectives. No business is immune from the risks associated with fraud, and education is the key to prevention. Hear from industry expert, Angela Morelock about insights into the world of internal embezzlement and learn about frequently overlooked prevention tips in this unique, one-hour webinar.

CPE Information:
Earn 1 CPE credit in the field of Behavior Ethics

Learning Objectives:

  • Realize the red flags warning of embezzlement and fraud
  • Understand the criminal methods used to embezzle from and defraud organizations and tips to protect your business
  • Steps to take if fraud is suspected

Level and Prerequisites:
This is a group-internet based program at the Overview Level. No prerequisites or advanced preparation required.

Who should attend:
Business managers, business owners, board members, controllers and outside auditors.


Tax Reform Redux – What Have We Learned and What Guidance Has Been Issued?

Credits: None available.

Howard Wagner and Russ Matthys, of Crowe LLP, will revisit 2018 tax reform, including IRS guidance on 100% bonus depreciation, the pass-through entity deduction, meals & entertainment expenses and other areas important to construction businesses.

Learning Objectives:
After this session, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the major points of tax reform and the impact on the construction industry
  • Understand the recent guidance issued by the IRS and areas in which guidance is forthcoming
  • Recognize potential planning opportunities for your business

Level & Prerequisites
This is a group-internet based program at the Overview Level. No prerequisites or advanced preparation required.

CPE information
This webinar grants 1 CPE credit in the field of Taxes

Who should attend?
General contractor and subcontractor owners, CFOs, Controllers, CPA industry professionals, CCIFP candidates, surety industry professionals and other construction financial professionals.


The Leadership ConnectionThe Leadership Connection

Preview Available

The Leadership Connection

Credits: None available.

Discover your greater purpose as a leader and unlock your potential, inspiring your team to set and accomplish important goals. Attendees will discover the leadership strategies and techniques necessary to inspire, motivate, and influence their entire teams and co-workers.

With an emphasis on creating an empowering culture, leaders will learn new ways to encourage their team members, achieve exponential growth, and experience unparalleled results. Make the link between leading and succeeding

  • Enhance perceptions - how to think differently about leadership (leadership is for everyone)
  • Elevate priorities - how to raise the bar in your organization
  • Empower people - how to build your people and create synergy within your team
  • Exceed possibilities - the essentials for launching the vision for your company


The Connected JobsiteThe Connected Jobsite

Preview Available

The Connected Jobsite

Credits: None available.

The world is becoming more connected every day. The "Internet of things" has infiltrated our personal lives significantly over the last few years and continues to advance forward. From summoning a vehicle with our phone to controlling a thermostat with machine learning, our personal lives are more connected than ever before. Come see how this future is also coming to life on construction sites.

Come see how a construction Superintendent can conduct their jobsite Orchestra all from a mobile device into reality. Come experience the connected jobsite.

  • Introduction to the integration of map-based project information and visualization
  • Understanding the power of having all of your design information in geo-located map layers
  • Observe a leaner and more efficient process to manage a project
  • Familiarize with various geo-located applications and hardware integrations
  • Identify the insights of the future connected jobsite that will soon be available

  • Alex Lee, CPA, CCIFP, Treasurer , Roy T. Goodwin Contractors, Inc

Top 10 Contractor MistakesTop 10 Contractor Mistakes

Preview Available

Top 10 Contractor Mistakes

Credits: None available.

Discuss the most common mistakes made in the tax return preparation, planning, and implementation. This interactive presentation will increase awareness of the most up-to-date tax strategies and opportunities available to construction accounting professionals.

  • Learn about mistakes that can result in larger federal and state tax liabilities
  • Discuss planning opportunities that are often overlooked
  • Review current income tax rulings and tax law changes related to construction industry compliance and planning


Improving Cash Flow and Inequitable Payment Practices

Credits: None available.

Cash flow is one of the most important issues facing contractors today. Companies are faced with starting new projects, hiring staff, and investing in assets to support the business. More companies go bankrupt due to cash flow issues than due to profitability. Many things can and should be done to improve cash management practices. Practical tools and strategies to improve cash flow will be discussed.

  • Increase profits with better billings and collections practices
  • Apply tools and techniques that optimize cash flow
  • Maximize cash flow with process standardization
  • Create transparency and accountability with measurement
  • Quantify the impact of slow payment

  • Dan Owens, CPA, MBA, CCIFP , Shareholder, VonLehman & Company Inc

Improve Hiring and Retention with Better Vetting

Credits: None available.

In today’s world, especially in construction, competition for candidates makes hiring more difficult and complex. With the estimated cost of a bad hire at over 30% of salary, no hire at all may be better than the wrong hire. If you invest time and energy in interviewing, you deserve to maximize your investment and improve your hiring quality and retention. This session will offer real-life strategies and stories to achieve better hiring.

  • Understand the motivation issues behind job changes
  • Learn which motivations for changing jobs are acceptable, and which are not
  • Identify the red flags you can see up front, to save interview time and money
  • Learn a specific interview technique to get accurate compensation information
  • Walk away with steps to improve your offer acceptance rate


Gain a Competitive Advantage through Health & Welfare Plan Management

Credits: None available.

Three key areas in health plan management for financial executives are:

  1. Risk management
  2. Labor (recruit & retain)
  3. Cost controls

Even in a stable health care environment, employers struggle to manage these often competing priorities. The addition of uncertain legislative climate, increases in large claim costs, and skyrocketing specialty prescription costs only serve to complicate the matter. Contractors that effectively balance these priorities will gain a competitive advantage.

  • Describe the critical steps to risk management for employer-sponsored health plans
  • Outline the strategy to designing a health plan for recruiting and retaining in tight labor markets
  • Learn the deployment of strategies/tactics discussed in this session through the use of real-world case studies
  • Describe how to use health and welfare plan management to gain/maintain a competitive advantage


Brown Sugar: Deriving Satisfaction from Data Analysis: 2019 Economic Outlook with Anirban Basu

Credits: None available.

Anirban Basu, CFMA's Chief Economic Advisor, provides a detailed discussion on the 2019 prediction for global, national and regional economies using the most up-to-date data available. Special attention is given to the critical elements of economic life, including the performance of financial, labor and real estate markets.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand which industries are expanding the fastest in America.
  • Learn how policymaking continues to shape economic outcomes in the U.S.
  • Determine the primary sources of risk to the current expansion cycle.
  • Understand key factors shaping the U.S. economic outlook in the near and far terms.

*There are no CPE credits available for this on-demand session.

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Insights from the 2018 ConTech Report

Credits: None available.

In this dynamic webinar, James Benham, CEO of JBKnowledge, will sort through the latest trends, solutions and devices in building technologies. Mr. Benham will also discuss the statistics behind the 2018 Construction Technology Report, an annual survey of thousands of construction professionals on how they employ and integrate technology on projects.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define Technology Adoption within the construction industry 
  • Present 2018 ConTech Survey Results 
  • Analyze emerging trends and innovations in the AEC Industry

James Benham, President & CEO, JBKnowledge, Inc.

    CPE Credits: 
    This webinar grants 1.5 CPE credits in the field of Information Technology

    Level & Prerequisites:
    This is a group-internet based program at the Overview Level. No perquisites or advanced preparation required.

    Who Should Attend?
    General contractor and subcontractor owners, CFOs, Controllers, CPA industry professionals, CCIFP candidates, surety industry professionals and other construction financial professionals.

    • James Benham, CEO & Professional Speaker, JBKnowledge, Inc.