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With a detailed, data-driven performance update of the global, national, and relevant regional economy, this presentation gives special attention to key aspects of economic life, including trends characterizing financial, real estate, energy, and labor markets.

  • Recognize the manner in which COVID-19 impacted global, national, and regional economies
  • Identify likely long-term structural shifts facing key economic segments
  • Characterize the likely pace of economic recovery in 2021 and beyond
  • List the primary policy responses to the crisis
  • Detail several critical sources of future economic risk

Engagement affects everything. How engaged are you? How well do you affect the engagement of people around you? Research shows that we know more about EQ (Emotional Intelligence/Quotient) than ever, yet very few are masters. Jonathan will discuss the demise of EQ in our text-crazy culture and what that means to leaders, parents, teachers, coaches, and you. This program is full of incredibly memorable stories, real-life scenarios, and a four-part process to take your EQ to the next level. Amygdala “hijacks” can tear apart a business or relationship in seconds. Do you have a strategy to master them? Can you teach your strategy to others? After this hilarious and engaging program, your answer will be “Yes!”

  • Acquire a powerful strategy to interrupt and master emotional (amygdala) hijacks
  • Implement the simple formula that guides emotional responses and allows us to dramatically influence emotional state is self and others
  • Discover a practical exercise to help you create a positive emotional contagion

Whether or not the CFM is directly responsible for the IT function of your company, there are still areas you should know and questions you should ask of your IT personnel (either internal or external). This session will explore those areas and get into the details of a highly functional IT department.

  • Detail the most important areas the CFM should know about IT
  • Learn what questions to ask of your IT personnel and what the answers should be
  • Discover if your IT department is the right fit for your organization or should it be upgraded or are you over-invested in IT “Toys”
  • Compare your overall IT investment (software/hardware) to your estimated ROI and learn if the $$$ spent has reached expectations