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What are the benefits of certification? Do you meet the eligibility requirements? What is the best way to prepare? What is required to maintain my certification? The answers to these questions and more will be answered during this session. Learn firsthand from your peers about the certification process and how achieving the industry’s only accredited certification for CFMs enhances your individual career and practice development for CPA firms.

*Session is not available for On-Demand CPE

  • Understand exam eligibility requirements, the application process, and certification maintenance
  • Review the revised topic areas that are now included on the exam
  • Identify exam preparation resources
  • Locate the most convenient test center
  • Learn about the requirements for you to take the next step in your career

Do you want to be seen as an industry expert? Are you looking for more industry credibility? This session will highlight ways to gain expertise, learn new skills and further your career by getting involved with CFMA. CFMA members will share how their involvement with CFMA had an impact on their careers, sharpened their skills and gave them industry exposure.

*Session is not available for On-Demand CPE

  • Identify CFMA opportunities to develop your leadership and presentation skills
  • Discuss how committee involvement can enhance your knowledge of CFMA and empower you provide direction on association-wide initiatives
  • Transform your knowledge into a CFMA speaking opportunity and develop your presentation skills
  • Position yourself as a subject matter expert
  • Get industry credibility by authoring CFMA content

Did you know that your role as a construction financial professional should include benchmarking?

This is a vital strategy to understanding how your company compares with the industry and its peers.

This session will explain the key ratios that you should follow to ensure that your company remains profitable, as well as identify possible financial danger signs.

Any discussion about a construction company’s drive to profitability must include CFMA’s Financial Benchmarker, an online resource that provides you with the opportunity to benchmark your company against the industry.

In addition to offering nearly 200 data points, including the key ratios that are important to construction financial managers, the Financial Benchmarker includes data on 103 industry segments, including three key major contractor categories, Best in Class data and information on 22 types of contractors.

CFMA’s Financial Benchmarker can allow you to develop strategies to become “Best in Class.”

This session will also provide a sneak peek at the 2021 Financial Benchmarker results, as well as a review of the highlights of CFMA’s Management Strategies survey.

  • Demonstrate the vital importance of benchmarking
  • Identify the key ratios of financial performance
  • Develop a plan to use CFMA’s Financial Benchmarker in your SWOT analysis
  • Summarize the 2021 Financial Benchmarker results
  • Recognize the primary points of CFMA’s Management Strategies survey


Do you want more accurate AND visually appealing analytics? This introductory session from a CFM, for CFMs, will dive into what a database is, teach you how to understand your data structure, and show you how to improve or build better reporting systems. This is a hands-on session that includes an Excel file you will work on to write queries and perform data analysis.

  • Understand framework and structure of modern databases used by construction companies
  • Understand data types, tables, relationships, queries, and reports
  • Understand Structured Queries and learn how to write queries that can be used in any SQL database

What can you do as a leader to foster a culture of continuous innovation? Some of the answers may surprise you. Come join us for an interactive session.

  • Explain why innovation is crucial for the construction industry
  • Apply construction performance data as an opportunity to prosper and drive change
  • Link innovation to business goals and strategy, thus creating a program to align with organizational communication
  • Identify the two most important things managers and leaders can do to create a culture of innovation
  • Gain simple tools that you can apply to spur innovation including best practices for measuring progress

Service contractors face a unique set of challenges and opportunities compared to the rest of the construction industry. In this talk, we'll discuss all of the opportunities in the service industry to leverage machine learning, remote assistance, connectivity to the field, hardware and software automation for service management and how it can all help drive a more profitable service business. In a volatile Construction industry, service can be the recurring revenue stream that gets many contractors through toughest of times.
We'll explore how the use of technology can further enhance this competitive strength.

  • Evaluate cutting edge technology that are coming to market in the future that could change how service is delivered
  • Explore software and hardware available to service contractors
  • Reviews the specific challenges that service contractors have and how technology has helped address them in the past


From business email compromise (BEC) to ransomware - cybersecurity is top of mind in every organization. The FBI estimates that U.S. businesses have suffered over $2 billion in fraud over the last 4 years in email attacks alone. We will explore current trends of the most common cyber attacks and provide real world solutions that can be applied by any organization.

  • Recognize how attackers execute business email compromise (BEC)
  • Identify the potential risks and direct impact of ransomware on the organization's bottom line
  • Implement defenses to help protect your organization from these common attacks