CCIFP Overview Seminar – 2021

In this intensive program, find out what you should know and learn before you sit for the exam to become a Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional (CCIFP). This course provides an overview of the industry domains listed in Financial Management and Accounting for the Construction Industry, (The Book) -- the Body of Knowledge for CCIFPs and your primary certification resource.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

· Identify topic areas that comprise the “Body of Knowledge” for CCIFPs

· Identify the most important topics, concepts, calculations and practices that a CCIFP should know

· Benchmark your own level of knowledge against that of a CCIFP

· Target your study efforts in critical areas in order to broaden & deepen your mastery of these topics

Level & Prerequisites: This is a group-internet based course at the Overview level. At least three years of industry experience and a basic understanding of construction accounting and financial management are recommended.

CPE Credits: No CPE credit is available for the recorded version of this program.

Who Should Attend: CPAs and other accounting professionals who are preparing to sit for the industry exam.

Standard: $ 319.00
Members: $ 199.00


2021 CCIFP Overview Seminar - Day 1

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2021 CCIFP Overview Seminar - Day 1

Accounting & Reporting

· Accounting standards & guidelines

· Basic methods of accounting

· Receivables

· Costs in excess & billings in excess

· Construction equipment

· Subcontractor payables

· Capitalized interest

· Financial statements

· Project management


2021 CCIFP Overview Seminar - Day 2

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2021 CCIFP Overview Seminar - Day 2

Income Recognition Methods

· Financial reporting

· Percentage-of-completion accounting method

· Contract revenues

· Contract costs

· Accounting for the effects of change in estimates

· Completed-contract accounting method


· Preparation & review of contracts

· Subcontracts

· Warranties

· Alternatives to litigation


2021 CCIFP Overview Seminar - Day 3

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2021 CCIFP Overview Seminar - Day 3

Budgeting & Planning

· Capital budgeting

· Cash management

· Strategic planning

· Strategic cost management

Human Resources

· Compensation

· Employee benefit plans

· Accounting/finance department administration


2021 CCIFP Overview Seminar - Day 4

Preview Available

2021 CCIFP Overview Seminar - Day 4

Information Technology

· Applications for construction management

Risk Management

· Construction-related insurance

· Surety


· Accounting methods unique to the construction industry

· Tax filing

  • Alex Lee, CPA, CCIFP, Treasurer, Roy T. Goodwin Contractors, Inc.
  • Chris Duprey, CPA, CCIFP, Chief Financial Officer, Granger Construction
  • Ben Matherly, CPA, CCIFP, Partner, Crowe LLP