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Prevailing Wage Jobs: Competition & Compliance on Infrastructure Projects

‐ Apr 13, 2022 3:15pm


The $1.2 trillion, bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act has been signed into law. How will you prepare and position your company to win and manage this new volume of work? Competition for prevailing wage jobs is fierce. One of the most significant challenges for open shop government contractors is ensuring compliance with numerous rules and regulations while ensuring profitability. Whether competing on projects subject to the Davis-Bacon Act or local prevailing wage ordinances, contractors must be well-informed and have a team of experts to help them adhere to the complex rules and regulations at the state and federal level.

This webinar will define fringe benefits, how you can simplify the processes of meeting the prevailing wage requirements and how can you offer your employees a more rich and stable benefits experience. The discussion will cover how contractors can build a prevailing wage-compliant benefits strategy that helps attract and retain key employees. We will also discuss what actions you can take to be in the best position to comply with regulations and survive an audit.


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