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CFMA's 2018 Annual Conference and Exhibition

ADV4 - Anatomy of a Surety Bond Claim: The Rest of the Story

Jun 26, 2018 2:15pm ‐ Jun 26, 2018 3:30pm

Standard: $59.95
Members: $39.95


Continuing from the “Anatomy of a Bond Claim – The Underwriter’s Story” presented at CFMA's 2016 Annual Conference & Exhibition, this session will follow this real-life subcontractor default circumstance through the surety claims process, provide details on how different approaches were used by the surety to complete the bonded projects, and discuss the overall effects this had on a number of parties.

• Develop a better understanding of how sureties handle claims on defaulted bonds and the options they have to perform under the bonds 
• Learn about the responsibilities of the obligee (GC) in a bond claim situation to avoid potential issues with the surety 
• Understand how cooperation between the obligee, surety, and defaulted contractor can vastly improve these situations 
• See how Subcontractor Default Insurance is also affected in these situations


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