Steve Coughran

Director, Coltivar Group

Steve Coughran is the Chief Financial Officer for EMJ Corporation, where he focuses on marrying finance and strategy to drive competitive advantage. Having launched and managed three cross-industry companies including his management consulting firm, Coltivar Group, Steve has gained a deep understanding of the competitive business environment. Through combining executive and management consulting experience with financial acumen gained from working with million- and billion-dollar firms at Ernst & Young, Steve has experience transforming CFOs into leaders of the future. Additionally, Steve is a keynote speaker for national associations and universities and the author of "Delivering Value: A Holistic Approach to Strategic-Powered Growth" and numerous published articles. At the University of Denver, Steve teaches a course entitled "Strategic Financial Leadership." Steve is a CPA and earned his MBA from the Fuqua School of Business. He graduated with his MS in Accountancy from the University of Denver.