Cindy Castellano ARM, CRIS, VP

Account Executive, In-house Risk Manager, PentaRisk

Cindy is the former Insurance and Risk Manager for Granite Construction for seven years, and as an insurance broker for 16 years, Cindy is well versed on the issue’s contractors face daily. She provides practical solutions and personal service to our insurance clients. Cindy has been involved in 20+ joint ventures, and hundreds of OCIPs and CCIPs throughout the U.S. Cindy was instrumental in the risk assessment and insurance program design for all joint ventures and large projects at Granite. She oversaw subcontractor certificate tracking and compliance for Granite’s 45 offices and all large projects and conducted dozens of risk and insurance training classes. She also has co-published articles on insurance and risk management. Cindy is a graduate of San Jose State University with a degree in Business Administration and is a MENSA member.