Nathaan Demers Psy.D, VP

Clinical Programs & Strategic Partnerships, Grit Digital Health

Nathaan Demers, Psy.D is passionate about people. This passion has led him to an enriching career as a clinical psychologist, filled with a number of twists and turns working across a variety of settings. Nathaan is an active traveler and athlete - these aspects of his life have inspired him to think beyond the traditional confines of mental health care. He strives to find innovative ways to expand the reach of mental health services to improve the lives of others. While Nathaan is fascinated by all areas of psychology, his passion lies within the positive psychology movement working specifically in preventative behavioral health. In his current role as the VP of Clinical Programs & Strategic Partnerships at Grit Digital Health, he leads a multidisciplinary team innovating at the intersection of behavioral health and technology. The team develops and implements digital tools that decrease stigma and connect individuals to the right behavioral health resources at the right time to increase grit, resilience, and well-being.