Software Consultant, Viewpoint Construction Software

Philip Zak, CCIFP, CPA, has worked with the construction industry for more than 25 years providing various accounting, project management and advisory services. Out of college, Phil worked as a Well Serviceman, Landman and Financial Analyst in the Oil & Gas Industry. Phil joined Viewpoint in 2013 where he helps clients with Financial, Equipment and Job Cost Reporting along with workflow and process improvement to achieve those reporting goals. He has assisted several hundred companies in the selection and implementation of accounting and project management software. He has spoken at the CFMA, AGC and AICPA National Construction Conferences on Software and IT Strategy as well as Projected Final Costs, DOL Compliance and Reducing Labor Costs on Davis-Bacon Jobs, BIM, Lean Accounting for Construction, Workflow and Process Improvement. A licensed CPA in Ohio and Colorado, Phil has a Masters in Accounting. Phil is a Past Chairman of ICCIFP (Institute of Certified Construction Industry Financial Professionals), and Past Secretary of CFMA.