Darren W. Paumen CPA, RPA

Director, Employee Benefit Group, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP

Darren isan authorized director in the Employee Benefit Group. He specializes inproviding assurance, tax, and consulting services to plan sponsors of variousemployee benefit plans and also has significant experience performing benefitplan administration and compliance testing. Darren has over 16 years ofexperience in public accounting and benefits. He specializes in auditingemployee benefit plans including defined contribution (401(k), profit sharing,money purchase pension, employee stock ownership plans), defined benefit andhealth and welfare plans. He also consults on matters surrounding ERISAregulations that govern employee benefit plans, ACA compliance and reportingand manages the annual government reporting for over 350 benefit plans. Darrenis CLA’s lead ESOP professional. Darren is involved in the firm-wide benefitplan assurance practice, tax practice and operational excellence.