Michael McLin

Managing Director, Maxim Consulting Group

Michael McLin is the Managing Director at Maxim Consulting
Group responsible for leading the business and guiding the
strategic direction. Michael works with construction related
firms of all sizes to evaluate business practices and assist with
management challenges. Having worked in the industry, Michael
has developed a practical and objective perspective to solving
business challenges. Areas of specialization include:
organizational assessments, strategic planning, project execution,
productivity improvement, prefabrication, peer groups, and
training programs. Mr. McLin is a nationally recognized, dynamic
public speaker and published author.

Michael is also an experienced peer group manager having
consistently run groups whose membership represents some of
the largest, most sophisticated contractors in the U.S. He has led
electrical, mechanical, dry wall, fire protection, and heavy-civil
and general contractor peer groups - both union and non-union.
With expertise in many facets of the business, Michael is adept at
utilizing tools and analysis available to the peer groups to identify
opportunities and challenges within an organization. His
structured approach to running peer groups ensures all members
have an opportunity to learn and grow.